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Things You Should Know About Your Courier Service's Rates

One of the most important factors in determining which courier service is right for you is service rates. When you're evaluating the rates of your service, there are a variety of different factors you should consider in addition to the advertised costs of the services being offered. Make sure you look into all the following factors at your courier service so that you optimize the services you're getting for the unique needs and setup of your company or organization. 

Service options

Some courier services offer different prices depending on how quickly you need something delivered or how heavy the item being delivered is. Also, more expensive rates might be offered on deliveries of items that are hazardous or perishable. 

If you don't need something delivered immediately, you might be able to save money by choosing slower service. You also might not need extra precautions that are automatically factored into courier shipments for fragile or hazardous items. Study service offerings and be detailed when communicating your needs to a company representative to find the best possible options. 

Discounts for repeat services

Many companies that do business with courier service providers need regular shipments made. Courier service companies therefore often offer different plans on repeat service. These plans could help you save money and enjoy more reliable service from a company that is already accustomed to your needs. 

Insurance matters

Courier services need to invest in insurance to cover liabilities that come up in the course of their business operations. As a client, you should be aware of any insurance coverage options regarding insurance on the items you're having shipped. 

You might be shipping valuable or sensitive items through your courier service. It's probably a good idea to look into insurance on those items to prevent significant losses at your company. 

Hidden costs

There are often additional charges on courier services for taxes, administrative fees, or tolls. Ask questions and be aware of any hidden costs before you sign up for services to prevent unpleasant surprises when you receive your bill. 

Available payment methods

Paying the bill for courier services will be one more task that you'll need to take care of to keep things operating smoothly. The more convenient payment is, the less of a burden this task will be.

If automated payments are available for regular courier services, you can take advantage of them to ensure that you always make your payments on time. Some providers may even offer discounted rates for those who take advantage of automated payments. For more information, contact a courier service in your area like A-Dash Messenger Service Ltd.