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Apps That Can Help You Escape A Bad Date

Bad dates can happen to anyone. However, extricating yourself from a terrible social engagement can be difficult, especially if you feel you're in a dangerous situation. To help you quickly and discreetly bail out of a date, here are some apps you should have on your phone.

Dial-A-Friend Apps

One type of app you should have ready to go on your phone is a dial-a-friend program. Although the specific features often differ between apps, the most common element they share is you can quietly contact friends for help without embarrassing your date or escalating an already tense situation.

For example, with Circle of 6, you choose six people you trust to put into your emergency contact list. Based on which icon you use, the app will send a discreet text to your contacts asking them to pick you up, call you and pretend they have an emergency, or talk about issues. This can be helpful if you want to end the date early. Simply hit the phone icon and one or more of your friends will call and provide you with an excuse you can use to leave the date.

Another beneficial app is Kitestring. This app operates a little differently in that you send an SMS message rather than download a program. You set up emergency contacts on the site. When you go on your date, you send a text message to the company's dedicated phone line. The app will check in on you at regular intervals. If you don't respond to the messages, the app will send texts to your contacts. In this instance, you don't have to fidget with your phone as your contact will call you once they receive the message. This may allow you to make up some excuse and bow out of the date.

Taxi Apps

If you can't get a ride from someone you trust, discreetly calling a cab is your next best option. There are quite a few apps that can help you with that. TaxiPal uses geolocation technology to determine your location and provide the names and numbers of taxis near you. This ensures that you can get a ride even if you're in an area you're not familiar with, so you don't have to depend on your date to take you home.

OneTaxi is another app that can help you easily hail a cab. With this app, you choose the city and province you're in and hit the call button. The app will automatically connect you to the nearest taxi service that is available to pick you up.

Dating can be fun, but you always want to err on the side of caution when going out with someone you don't know well. Use these apps to maximize your safety when you out on the town. For more information about helpful apps or to schedule a ride, contact a taxi service, such as Dial-A-Cab.