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3 Reasons To Charter A Helicopter For Your Wedding Anniversary

Flowers and dinner are nice, but if you have a special wedding anniversary coming up, why not think bigger and charter a private helicopter? Your spouse will be surprised and amazed, and you will enjoy an exciting new experience as a couple. Here are three great reasons to charter a helicopter for your anniversary:

Chartering a Helicopter is a Unique Experience

Studies consistently show that spending money on experiences instead of things leads to greater happiness and relationship satisfaction. When you charter your own helicopter with your partner, you will enjoy a truly unique adventure that you will both remember forever. Romantic helicopter charters can be booked for sunrise or sunset, over beautiful scenery, or at night to allow you to see the city lights from above.

You can even have your helicopter charter drop you off at a romantic destination, where you can enjoy dinner or spend the night at a nice hotel. However you plan the details, your helicopter charter will definitely be a unique experience.

Chartering a Helicopter Shows How Much You Care

Your spouse will most likely be very touched by your surprise helicopter charter, because it shows how much you care about them and your relationship. Instead of treating your special wedding anniversary like any other day or an afterthought, you are putting together a truly romantic day or evening. Celebrating your anniversary in this way may reignite the spark and sense of romance within the relationship. If you have been busy with work or the kids lately, this thoughtful, memorable gesture will put the focus back on your marriage.

Your Helicopter Charter Will Be Private and Luxurious

Unlike other experiences you could book, such as a tour or a theater show, a helicopter charter is private and you don't have to worry about sharing your time with your spouse with a crowd of people. Other than your pilot pointing out the sights below, you and your spouse will be in your own little world on your helicopter date.

Private helicopters are also very luxurious, ensuring a comfortable ride. Many helicopter charters can be combined with special features, such as a champagne toast with appetizers before you take off. You and your significant other will be treated like true VIPs from the time you arrive at the airstrip.

Chartering a helicopter for your anniversary will allow you to create lifelong memories and share an incredibly romantic experience with your sweetheart.