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Moving By Yourself Using A Cargo Van? Items That Can Make The Job Easier

When you cannot convince friends and family to help you move, and you do not have the money to hire some movers, you know that you are on your own. How does one manage to move heavier things and get them onto the truck or cargo van? Thankfully, there are some items that you can rent along with your moving van that can help make this job easier for you.

The Trolley Dolly

A "trolley dolly" is a hand truck dolly with a long, low cart that slides underneath large objects and allows you to move them by yourself. You will have to secure the object to the trolley dolly so that they do not fall off, and you will have to manage the weight of the object as you roll back through doorways and down steps. When you do not have any other options, at least the trolley dolly can help.

Cargo Van Load Boards

Even the best-designed cargo vans require you to pull and push large objects up over the back bumper and into the vehicle. This can get complicated and difficult when you are the only one doing the job. However, if you rent a cargo van load board, you just need a little uphill "oomph, " and everything can be loaded easier. The load boards are similar to a conveyor belt, but with no wheels. They just take the struggle out of uphill loading into the cargo van.

The Appliance Dolly

Unless you have had an appliance delivered to your apartment or home, you may not be aware that appliance dollies even exist. The bottom parts of these dollies fit squarely underneath all square-shaped appliances. The ratcheting straps wrap around the appliance and tighten up. The very large wheels balance the load of the appliance when you lift it back and into the air. When you use one of these, you will feel like Superman because these dollies make it seem like the appliances are weightless.

The Piano Dolly

Piano dollies are definitely special-request moving equipment. Most moving trucks might have an appliance dolly or hand truck strapped into the back of the van or moving truck, but a piano dolly has to be paid for at the front desk of the moving company before they will give you one to use. The best part is that the piano dolly will move your heaviest of all furniture items.

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