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Boost The Fun Factor Of Your Fishing Charter With These Competitions

A day of fishing with friends can be a memorable occasion that you look to repeat in the future, but it's possible to augment the fun factor by challenging your fellow anglers to some good-natured competitions. Fishing can often be about bragging rights, and when your charter guide navigates you to an area that is rife with fish, you shouldn't have trouble landing the "big one" over and over again. If your friends on the fishing charter are up for it, here are some fun competitions that you can suggest.

Longest/Heaviest Fish

An obvious competition for a day of fishing is to see who can catch the longest or the heaviest fish. When you fish with a professional guide, the boat will be outfitted with the necessary gear to ensure that your measurements are accurate. For example, the guide will know exactly how to hold the fish or position it on a table so that you can measure it from nose to tail, and there will also be a dedicated scale for weighing each fish that you catch. Winning the competition by having the longest or heaviest fish of the day can be a crowning achievement.

Most Species

Some fishing charters take you to an area in which you'll predominantly catch one species of fish throughout the day. However, if you'll be in an area with a number of species, it can be fun to have a competition to see who can catch the most different species. Your professional guides are highly skilled at identifying different fish, which is handy because some species have a lot of visual similarities that may confuse the average angler. The guides will be able to let you know what type of fish you've caught so that you can keep a tally throughout the excursion.

First Catch

The excitement during a fishing charter is commonly at an all-time high as soon as your charter boat leaves the dock and heads for the open water. Depending on where you're fishing and what you're fishing for, you may need to take a lengthy ride to get to the prime fishing area — which can further boost the excitement in the boat. A simple competition is to see who can have the first catch of the day. Commonly, the guides will get each angler ready together so that everyone can put his or her lure in the water at the same time. This gives the person who lands the fish catch bragging rights over the group.

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