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Choosing A Utility Trailer For Your Specific Needs

Utility trailers are a great way to add some versatility to your vehicle if you do not have a truck or if the truck you have is small and cannot hold much cargo. Finding utility trailers for sale from private sellers, dealers, or even sporting goods and outdoor outfitters means you have some options and can choose the trailer that is best for your situation.

Choosing a Trailer Size

The size of the utility trailer that you are considering can vary by the task you are planning on using it for. There are many different size trailers that are considered utility trailers because they are lightweight and designed to handle light or general loads. 

Common utility trailers are available in sizes between six and fourteen feet long and average about six feet wide. There are larger trailers that you can get to haul larger loads, but often those are trailers that have double or even triple axle configurations and may require a heavy-duty vehicle to tow them. 

Trailer Options

When you start looking for utility trailers for sale, consider how you will use the utility trailer before you buy one so that you know what options you might need. A trailer that you are going to use to haul a lawn tractor, for instance, may mean needing to have one that has a ramp on the back or a tailgate that doubles as a ramp. 

Often, utility trailers are available with different-sized sides on them, and some have open sides that only have a railing on the side of the trailer, while other models will have solid sides that will hold things like loam, sand, or other items in. If you are going to use the trailer to move materials, the side could be an essential option, so take a look at the different designs and the side height options. 

Electric Brakes 

Brakes are not always standard on utility trailers because most of the trailers are light enough that the vehicle can stop the trailer without any real problem. If you are looking at larger utility trailers, you may want to have electric trailer brakes on the trailer and installed in the vehicle that you are towing it with. 

The brakes can make a significant difference in the stopping distance and the control of the trailer when it is loaded. Talk to a trailer dealer about adding electric trailer brakes to your utility trailer if you need them, or look for a trailer that is already equipped with the brakes when you are shopping for utility trailers for sale.