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How Many Airport Shuttle Vehicles Should Your Group Hire?

Planning a group airline trip can be a real challenge to those responsible for making arrangements. You must wrangle a number of different people with different schedules and agendas, getting them all where they need to be when they need to be there.

Safe and timely arrival at the airport is the first step in a successful group trip. And an airport car service can be your biggest resource in accomplishing it. But should you use one shuttle or multiple vehicles? To help you decide, here are five scenarios when each method could be the best choice.

1. When the Group Is Spread Out

How distant do members of the group live from one another? If there's a lot of space between stopping points, you will likely find that hiring two or more shuttle cars is more cost-effective and keeps the group on a reasonable timeline than picking everyone up consecutively. 

2. When the Group Packs Heavy

How much luggage is everyone bringing? Ask for an estimation of the number of large and small bags being packed for the trip. Many travelers judge airport shuttle vehicles by how many people they hold, but don't overlook the need to get everyone's luggage in as well. 

3. When You Have Nervous Travelers

Nervous, first-time, or young travelers often have added anxiety about a big trip. Talk to them about what will make them feel less anxious about the trip. For some, being in a large group that handles all the details will be reassuring. Others may want a small group in a separate car with less chaos and noise. 

4. When You Need to Save Money

Watching the budget of the group? Then consolidate for the biggest savings. You will generally pay less for one larger vehicle than for two or more smaller ones. In fact, some groups find that even hiring a larger vehicle than needed is still cost-effective compared to separating passengers. 

5. When Your Flight Is Early

If you have an early morning flight, no one is likely to want to start out with a very early pickup time to accommodate many stops for group members. And the longer your vehicle is on the road, the more opportunities there are for delays. Instead, make it short and efficient by sending more than one shuttle and keeping everyone on the same schedule.

Where to Start

Want more tips for selecting the right number of vehicles to take your group to the airport? Start by consulting with a qualified airport car service in your area today.